Monday, September 20, 2010

Lace Eyebrows - extensions for the eyebrow

Lace front wig-wearing babies are so yesterday. And, just to add my two cents worth to that topic, I have no problem with putting on a cute wig on a baby FOR PHOTO SHOOTS ONLY!!! If you're doing that for day to day real life scenarios, then you need to get a life.
That out of the way, let's move to today's business.
You know that I've been raving about lace front wigs and the all natural look it gives to wearers since it came out right? But it was only until recently that I discovered lace eyebrows - extensions, of sorts, for your eyebrows.
Don't laugh! I kid you not! They are as real as the hair underneath my 10 inch straight weave. If you are like me and you are lacking in the eyebrow area, lace eyebrows may suit you. As those of us with scant eyebrows know, no matter how much waxing you get done, hair on the eyebrows never seem to multiply. Don't get me started on arched eyebrows. Everytime I go to the salon to ask that they be done, I am always reminded that I don't have enough hair to work it.
The lace eyebrows, much like the lace front wig, are sewn on lace net.
The strips are then adhered to using adhesive and the result is just as seamless as the lace front wig hairline.
Prices of the lace eyebrows, from what I have seen so far, range from $25US and upwards. The eyebrows are made of human hair and come in the colour ranges just like hair extensions and buyers can also choose the style they want for their eyebrows .
Reviews from actual wearers of these brows range from fair to outright disgust. Men hate them, of course and can't seem to understand why women would go to so much lengths for beauty.
You know I am an extension wearer but lace eyebrows seems a bit much to me. Still I'll try any hair extension, just once.


  1. Thumbs up to the person who thought of the lace eyebrows, that's just amazing I have to look into this!

  2. Shut up! Get outta town! What next Seebs? What next? Lace pubic pieces?

  3. patrice please let me know when you try those lace eyebrows so that I can write about your experience here. Thanks.

  4. @cheryl-LOLS Sorry Essiba I am not on you with this unless person is born with scanty eyebrows I just don't get WHY people remove their eyebrows in the first place then look to draw them, stick them or lace them back on.

    oprah did a lovely show on shaping eyebrows a long time ago. Most beauticians here are too heavy handed with the waxing and years of that will leave you with scanty eyebrows.

    I give them very specific instructions before the process starts describing exactly what I want which is more of a trim with the scissors and minimal clean up of the rest with wax and tweezers following my natural arch . I hold the mirror and inspect the job as it progresses.

    The place I go to do my eyebrows has several girls but only one will do my brows. The others have told me they are too scared LOL because I am VERY fussy about my brows.

    Oh and as to the lace front wigs for babies not even for photoshoots:-(

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  6. @ wizzy - all your points are solid and are taken. But as I always say to each his own! Thanks for your feedback.
    @Shahbaz - I will post very soon in this space on Remy lace. Stay tuned!